Clergy Abuse: Is It Real and how do I Navigate it?

Many people fall victim to clergy abuse but do not even know it. Unfortunately, some people will start ministerial services, but their main objective is to exploit people seeking religion. If you still do not believe clergy abuse exists, you should check this list of priests accused of abuse in Maryland. Clergy abuse is a criminal offence that is punishable by the law. People convicted of this crime are liable to serve an imprisonment as stated in the law. However, clergy abuse victims can also file a civil lawsuit to get compensation for the harm done. Continue scrolling to discover everything you need to know about clergy abuse.

What is Clergy Abuse?

Clergy abuse involves a form of sexual abuse perpetrated against minors or adults by clergy persons. It occurs when the clergy purposely uses their position and power to sexually abuse or exploit any member of their congregation. It is essential to take note of this abuse as it is a highly dehumanizing action that can potentially cause emotional and psychological damages that could even be permanent.

  • Clergy abuse can involve the following:
  • Unwanted touching
  • Sexual activity
  • Sending or soliciting sexual text and images
  • Sexualizing conversations

Is Clergy Abuse Real?

Unfortunately, some people still do not know that being exploited by the clergy is an offence. Clergy abuse happens almost every day to persons of all genders and ages. However, most victims hesitate to speak out for fear of shame and embarrassment. While this form of abuse is more sensitive when it comes to children, no one should ever have to go through this alone. It is advisable to seek help from law enforcement organizations that are always ready to help.

What Evidence Can Be Used in a Clergy Sexual Abuse Lawsuit?

Survivors of sexual harassment by the clergy have the right to file lawsuits against those involved in the crime. The evidence you present helps your legal team prove to the court that you suffered a loss and you deserve compensation.

Sometimes, you might not have the physical evidence to prove clergy abuse. However, you can utilize other sources of information for your proof, which include:

Input from Relevant Experts

In a case presented to the court, relevant experts such as psychologists can be sued to analyze the victim’s mental state. Through their expertise, such experts can prove that the victim’s mental health history is directly linked to the abuse.

Testimony from Witnesses

Testimony from a witness in a clergy abuse lawsuit can depict more information showing that the clergy person should be held liable. Witnesses can offer statements that make a survivor’s claim valid.

Medical History

Providing medical records in a clergy sexual abuse can be critical in helping the victim get justice and compensation. Any relevant information your doctor provides can serve as solid evidence to prove your case.

Investigating the Sexual Abuse Perpetrator

Experts from the criminal investigative departments can investigate the defendant, reveling past sexual abuse crimes they might have committed.

You can get an advocate from a reputable firm who can handle the entire lawsuit process and provide all the evidence required to show the convicted individual is guilty.