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So far, the court has dealt with four cases, two of which were heard by a single judge and completed within just a few weeks. A three-judge panel recently issued a judgment in the third case, whilst the fourth case remains ongoing, with an interim ruling given last week. The court notes that this compares favorably to the usual 3.5 year period from commencement to completion for commercial cases, citing Baker McKenzie’s The Year Ahead 2020. The NCC expects its workload to increase as more contracts include clauses designating NCC as the forum for disputes. In this case, the court was no doubt assisted by the fact that the proposed change was designed to achieve the same ultimate outcome of the reorganisation, namely to provide the shareholders with shares in the new holding company with a nominal value of US$0.01 each. And it is worth noting that the on-going Covid-19 …

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It is the level at which the decision was made that was considered by the Court, not the substance of any decision. As highlighted above, while a permanent solution is being sought, the Commission’s work and oversight of the charity sector is continuing. For example, the Commission has adjusted its procedures to comply with the court judgment.

Enactment of the New Trademark and Geographical Indication Law Indonesia recently enacted the new Trademark and Geographical Indication Law which will replace Law No. 15 of 2001. The new law will provide protection to broader types of trademark, as well as make it more time and cost-efficient for trademark owners to obtain registration licences in Indonesia. Indonesia’s FinTech Office and New FinTech Regulation Bank Indonesia recently launched a FinTech Office on 14th November 2016. The office is expected to boost the growth of the Indonesian FinTech industry, optimise technology developments in the sector, …

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Last month, the Ethiopian parliament approved the Communication Service Proclamation (“Proclamation”) which, for the first time, liberalizes the telecom sector in the country. The Proclamation further introduces the establishment of an independent, transparent, and accountable institution that will regulate all players in the sector. In this issue of our legal update, we present to our readers a summary of the main features of the Proclamation with some observations at the end. Interestingly, the point is made that any government support that has been given to a business has been given to help meet commitments including rent and other property costs such as insurance, utilities and service charges. As the duty to act reasonably and responsibly extends to tenants who are in a position to pay in full, they are expected to do so, whilst allowing tenants who are unable to pay in full to pay what they can.

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The publication summarizes significant laws, either proposed or enacted by the state legislature, plus new regulations of the state’s administrative agencies. Hospital News covers developments and issues that affect all health care professionals, administrators, patients, visitors and students. Hospital News is published monthly and is made available in distribution racks placed in high traffic areas in hospitals and related institutions across the country. ORES Science Platform is a leading service designed to support scientists from the CIS and Asia. We work with authors of scientific articles and strive to promote science at a global level, uniting researchers with international experts to improve the quality of their scientific research.

The regulation replaces MEMR regulation No. 27 of 2013 to the extent of the divestment provisions. Indonesia Extends Cabotage Exemption The Indonesian Shipping Law and its implementing regulations contain Indonesia’s cabotage rules, requiring that domestic sea transportation be carried out by an …

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Under this plan, an integrated court case management system is being implemented to streamline and standardize electronic court processes across different levels of courts. This will start with the District and Summons Courts of the Magistrates’ Courts, where use of iCMS will initially be voluntary. Key proposals include permitting the electronic filing or sending of documents, the serving of documents between parties electronically and the use of digital and other electronic signatures for court-related documents. The courts can achieve this in various ways, including by taking payments to the company into account when calculating a shareholder’s loss, preventing a shareholder from claiming until the company has had a chance to do so, or joining a shareholder and company into the same legal proceedings. In his view, the rule is not a novelty of company law; rather, it is a way of guarding against double recovery.

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Mandatory Use of Rupiah in …

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He lectures nationally, has authored a monthly column on drug diversion in Pharmacy Times magazine for the past 15 years, and is the past president of the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators. In 2015 he co-founded the International Health Facility Diversion Association and is the current President of this non-profit organization which provides training and networking for healthcare facility diversion professionals with the link available at A practice’s corporate structure can have significant tax and asset protection as well as exit strategy implications. Healthcare focused tax specialist, Carole C. Foos, CPA, reviews legal entity options and their meaning for practitioners’ financial performance and liability exposure.

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  • The changes made by the Budget to the NYSTL and the NYCAC effectively decouple New York State and New York City tax

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The UK has begun to clarify its plans for cross-border dispute resolution after the end of the transition period. These include announcing its intention to deposit a new instrument of accession to the Hague Choice of Court Convention. The UK had previously deposited an instrument of accession to the Convention during Brexit negotiations but later suspended its accession once a withdrawal agreement with the EU, which included a transition period, was secured.

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Certification to any of several ISO standards is one of the best investments a contractor can make. AS Aerospace Management Demonstrate best practice in the industry with AS9100/AS9110/AS9120 certification. This multijurisdiction deal was a major foreign acquisition for an Indonesian consumer products company in a year that has been roiled by COVID-19. I can’t provide enough positive feedback about the system and the support in general.

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Accordingly, the SFC considers that the …

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This work is licenced under the CanLII user licence which includes the right of the User to make copies of the work for legal research purposes, in the practice of law or in the exercise of their legal rights. This page contains the current year’s legal cases and statutes that are relevant to municipal police officers throughout the Commonwealth, as these cases have a direct impact on how police officers perform their day-to-day duties. Medicare program; revisions to payment policies under the physician fee schedule for calendar year 2003 and inclusion of registered nurses in the personnel provision of the critical access hospital emergency services requirement for frontier areas and remote locations. Simplifying administrative procedures for operation of international domain name registrars.

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A Class B misdemeanor is punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a maximum $2000 fine. A long and controversial legislative session resulted in a mixed …