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Last month, the Ethiopian parliament approved the Communication Service Proclamation (“Proclamation”) which, for the first time, liberalizes the telecom sector in the country. The Proclamation further introduces the establishment of an independent, transparent, and accountable institution that will regulate all players in the sector. In this issue of our legal update, we present to our readers a summary of the main features of the Proclamation with some observations at the end. Interestingly, the point is made that any government support that has been given to a business has been given to help meet commitments including rent and other property costs such as insurance, utilities and service charges. As the duty to act reasonably and responsibly extends to tenants who are in a position to pay in full, they are expected to do so, whilst allowing tenants who are unable to pay in full to pay what they can.

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  • The law is designed to help tenants who are having difficulty paying rent due to their shops and practices being closed under COVID-19 lockdowns.
  • New OJK Rule on Public Accountants and Public Accountant Offices The issuance of this new rule has an impact on the engagement of external auditors by publicly-listed companies given that public companies are one of the subjects being regulated and supervised by OJK.

Proponents hoped that investments in these communities would spur economic development and job creation in needy communities. Many states and localities, including New York City and New York State, aligned their tax codes with the incentives provided under the OZ Program. In a move which has shocked the property industry, the government has extended the ban on commercial lease forfeiture again, this time for a further nine months to 25 March 2022. Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery is similarly deferred, with tenants having to have built up 554 days of unpaid rent before landlords are able to take bailiff action.

Uk Supreme Court Returns To Orthodox Approach In Respect Of Liquidated Damages

The implementation of PSBB in other provinces and regions in Indonesia will soon follow in order to prevent further spread of COVID-19. The transactions between a free trade zone and an external party are considered export/ import. This firm client rescued a Puget Sound La-Z-Boy franchise out of receivership, then grew and expanded the business, and recently completed its sale back to the parent company. Member firms are independently constituted and regulated in accordance with relevant local legal requirements.

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There are likely to be further measures to come as the government and operators get to grips with the new challenges which are presenting themselves, with all areas of industry looking to adapt their ways of working to respond to the needs arising in this constantly evolving situation. However, if your planning consent contains a condition restricting permitted development rights or takeaway use, that would prevent reliance on this right. Local planning authorities may take the view that it is not expedient to enforce such conditions in the circumstances. For example, earlier in March the environment secretary had already relaxed restrictions on deliveries to food retailers, to ensure they could maintain stocks in the midst of the surge in grocery shopping. It is possible that the same approach would be taken by planning authorities to restrictive conditions in the current crisis. While tenants are allowed to withhold rent from landlords, landlords do not have the same right vis-à-vis their credit financing banks, but may be forced to continue paying instalments to the credit financing banks without rental income, they have argued.

Made A Diy Will During Lockdown? Why Now Is A Good Time To Get It Checked

The ETS compel all covered employers to implement a written COVID-19 Prevention Program (“CPP”). This legislation mandates that law enforcement agencies adopt a written policy detailing the agency’s use of force by a drone and submit it to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement every two years. The bill also limits the circumstances under which the use of force by a drone is justified. House Bill 2352 authorizes the parole board to grant early release to an inmate who participates in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice education and vocational pilot training program. The bill also removes confinement in state jail felony as a condition of probation that a judge may impose on a state jail felony defendant ordered to participate in the pilot program.

Healthy Productive Women Workers Movement

According to Lord Reed, by signing up to take shares in a company, a shareholder agrees that its fortunes will be tied to those of the company and entrusts the management of the company to its decision-making organs (i.e. its board of directors). If the value of the shareholder’s shares drops because of some wrong done to the company, the shareholder must suffer that loss. The court agreed unanimously with Marex, finding that the rule against reflective loss did not apply where the person claiming was a creditor, and not a shareholder, of a company. The guidelines do not constitute EU legislation and so will not form part of UK law once the UK-EU implementation period ends on 31 December 2020. It will be up to the Financial Conduct Authority to decide whether or not to introduce equivalent guidance under the UK’s prospectus regime going forward. William Van Roosmalen, In-house counsel and Damien Grant, Principal from Waterstone Insolvency discuss about the Fatupaito case.

Indonesia’s Omnibus Law Puts Focus on Direct Use of Geothermal Resources The Indonesian Government enacted Law No. 11 of 2020 regarding Jobs Creation (the “Omnibus Law”) on November 2, 2020. Indonesia Omnibus Bill – Potential Changes to the Immigration Law The Indonesian House of Representatives recently passed the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation (the “Omnibus Bill”). Indonesia Omnibus Law – Changes to the Shipping Law Hint at Smoother Sailing for Business ) Indonesian President Joko Widodo recently signed Law No. 11 of 2020 on Jobs Creation (the “Omnibus Law”). Indonesia Omnibus Law and the Impact on Tax Laws The Indonesian Government recently passed Law No. 11 of 2020 regarding Job Creation (the “Omnibus Law”). We represent and support our members, promoting the highest professional standards and the rule of law.

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