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These findings will have implications for the calculation of the National Minimum Wage payment, as at present drivers receive fares from customers but there is no remuneration for the time spent waiting. They argued that it was a technology company not a taxi provider and that it did not provide a transportation service. Thankfully, the Tribunal saw through this and was very critical of Uber stating that it did not reflect the reality of what was happening. They stated that Uber had resorted to fictitious, and even brand new, terminology in its documentation.

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This law provides that a sexual assault victim is entitled to a forensic medical examination within 120 hours of the alleged offense. The bill also requires DPS to submit an annual report on the number of unanalyzed evidence collection kits in the tracking system to the governor and legislature and to post the report on its website. Senate Bill 1056 makes it a Class A misdemeanor to falsely report a crime or an emergency to elicit an emergency response from law enforcement or other emergency responders. The punishment is increased to a state jail felony, punishable by six months to two years in state jail, if the defendant has been previously convicted twice of the offense. The punishment is a third-degree felony, punishable by two to 10 years in prison, if a person is seriously injured or killed as a result of the emergency response. A court can also order a defendant to make restitution or reimburse the cost of the emergency response.

The OJK must approve or reject the license application no later than 30 days after the complete application is received. Proposal to Revoke Five Business Permits in Indonesia On 16th March 2016, Indonesian President Joko Widodo announced a plan to simplify business licensing in Indonesia by revoking five existing business permits issued at the regional level. New Ministry of Employment Regulation on Religious Festivity Allowance On 8th March 2016 the Minister of Employment issued Regulation No. 6 of 2016 on Religious Festivity Allowance for Employees in Companies. New Body Set Up to Resolve Disputes in Indonesia’s Construction Sector The Indonesian Centre for Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution for Construction in late 2015 held its first seminar to announce its existence as a dispute resolution body in the field of construction in Indonesia. Regulatory Developments in the Indonesian Banking Industry The Financial Services Authority has had regulatory authority over Indonesian banks, except Bank Indonesia (“BI”), since 31st December 2013, as stipulated under Law No. 21 of 2011 regarding the Financial Services Authority.

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This class covers recent cases as well as topics including changes in the Real Estate License Act and TREC rules, do-not-call rules, anti-spam rules, home equity, mold, assessment and remediation, title insurance endorsements, mortgage fraud and new TREC forms. Premeditation requires time for a second look; Officer’s subjective reason for searching; No VIN exception to the search warrant rule; Accident scenes and the Fifth Amendment; Misconduct in office; The exclusionary rule. The Legal Update is intended to inform Michigan’s police officers of recent changes in the law.

In Indonesia, New Licensing Rules for Imports and Exports The Government of Indonesia has recently issued a package of economic policies designed to remove irrelevant requirements and to deregulate and spur the growth of the Indonesian economy. This move has resulted in the elimination of several examination and licensing procedures. Indonesia Introduces New Solar Power Regime In 2013, the Indonesian government first introduced a solar power regulatory regime which required the government to publish solar power quota allocations for various parts of Indonesia.

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The buyer issued a NOC relating to an investigation being carried out by the Slovenian tax authorities. The NOC specified the period covered by the investigation and when the authorities became involved, but did not detail the amount being claimed as the investigation was ongoing. The question before the court was whether this amounted to “reasonable detail” of the“matter” giving rise to the claim, for the purposes of the notification clause in the SPA. The court of first instance decided that it did not, and that the NoC was therefore invalid. It noted that the clause was not precise regarding the content of a NoC, and what was “reasonable” depended on the circumstances. These included the information that was already known to the seller, and so it would be “empty formalism” to insist that the buyer should have included that information in the NoC.

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New Regulation Allows Appointment of ROEs for Construction Projects The Indonesian government recently issued Government Regulation No. 54 of 2016 regarding the Third Amendment to Government Regulation No. 29 of 2000. The newly-issued Third Amendment introduces a provision that allows Regional-Owned Enterprises the same treatment as State-Owned Enterprises. A Look at New Requirements for Pharmaceutical/Healthcare Companies on Sponsorship On 8th November 2016, the Minister of Health issued Regulation No. 58 of 2016 on Sponsorship for Healthcare Professionals (“Regulation 58”), which took effect on 29th November 2016. Under Regulation 58, both givers and receivers must report to the Corruption Eradication Commission. New Online Registration System Transforms Franchise Application Process The Ministry of Trade (“MOT”) has introduced a new platform for the registration of a number of licenses including the franchise registration certificate. Development of Oil and Natural Gas in Indonesia Indonesia’s oil and gas sector is governed by Law No. 22 of 2001 regarding Oil and Gas.

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The ratification of the Convention results in the legislation becoming an integral part of the law of the land. Further, the ratification comes at a time when Ethiopia is currently drafting a new and comprehensive domestic arbitration legislation whose advanced draft circulated for public consultation suggests that it is modeled after the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Model Law on Commericial Arbitration. In this issue of our legal update, we consider the substance of the Convention and the significance of its ratification by Ethiopia. His expertise has also been utilized by numerous Police Departments to review incident-specific information and police response, even prior to the initiation of a suit. These post-incident critiques are utilized both to identify training and policy needs and in preparation for potential litigation.