Benefits and Ways to Use Proxy Servers

A proxy server is an intermediate means of communication in a computer network. Its use allows you to hide the IP address by which providers can calculate the location of the Internet access. Proxies maintain anonymity while surfing, and open access to numerous blocked sites.

Proxy-seller issues individual IPv4 / IPv6 for short and long term. The service is available not only to legal entities, but also to individuals. To choose a suitable tariff, visit, where you can ask a question to the consultant in the online chat. With a batch order, customers receive a 40% discount.

Advantages and main types of proxy servers

Proxies are compatible with Google Chrome, Opera, IE, Mozilla Firefox and other less common browsers. They allow complete control of network access in offices, where sites with entertainment content are often blocked. Proxies differ in the degree of confidentiality. There are simple anonymous and elite programs that hide IP and server usage information. Among the advantages of paid proxy, developers point out:

  • high speed;
  • compatibility with all operating systems;
  • public cost;
  • rare crashes.

When choosing a server, be sure to pay attention to the prefix. The most common HTTP option allows you to visit blocked pages, chat, download videos, and perform other basic tasks. If you are worried about the safety of passwords and bank card numbers, use a server with an HTTPS prefix. In this case, valuable information is transmitted using a secure SSL connection.

For what purposes are proxy servers used?

For what purposes proxy servers are used Proxy servers are necessary for SMM managers and specialists in contextual or targeted advertising. They are used by internet marketers, arbitrageurs, and businessmen. Thanks to Proxy servers, there is a unique opportunity to conduct online trading on one site under several accounts. With the help of a proxy, gamblers place bets at bookmakers and activate promotional codes.