Atlanta Parole Attorney Can Help You Get Your Freedom Back

If you’ve been charged with a probation or parole violation in Georgia, it’s imperative to have an experienced criminal lawyer on your side. Our Atlanta Parole Attorney understands how to fight these cases and can help you get your freedom back.

In Georgia, the information reviewed by a Parole Board is limited to what is in the individual’s file. This can often include inaccurate or unhelpful information.

Probation Violations

Probation is a way for a person who has been convicted of a crime to serve out their sentence outside of prison or jail. However, if you violate the terms of your probation, the judge may summon you back to court and revoke your probationary freedom. If you are charged with violating your parole or probation, you will need a seasoned criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

Whether your probation officer thinks you’ve committed a serious violation or a minor technical one, they have tremendous power and can swear out warrants for your arrest ex parte (without an opposing party). People on probation often sit in jail weeks or months before their revocation hearing even begins.

The state only has to prove by a preponderance of evidence that you violated the terms of your probation. This standard is far lower than the beyond a reasonable doubt burden for a felony case. As such, it is essential that you have an experienced Atlanta criminal attorney by your side at your probation or parole violation hearing.

Parole Violations

If you have committed a crime while on parole, you are at risk of being sent back to jail. Your best chance for a positive outcome in your parole violation hearing is to work with a criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling these cases.

A criminal attorney can help you prepare for your parole board hearing by reviewing your case and putting together packages that demonstrate why you should be released from prison early. We also work closely with friends and family to gather information that supports your case for early release.

A person serving a felony sentence can appeal the Parole Board’s decision to deny parole under specific circumstances. This is only if there is new evidence for the Board members to review that changes the original decision. Individuals convicted of “serious violent felonies” – murder, rape, armed robbery, aggravated sexual battery and aggravated sodomy – are not eligible for parole. However, they can request a hearing after they have served 90 days in prison.

Misdemeanor Violations

In Georgia, misdemeanor violations can carry serious consequences, including up to 12 months of county jail time and fines. They also can impact your ability to find employment, volunteerism, or government assistance. A conviction can also count towards the Three Strike Rule, which could lead to more serious jail time and penalties in the future.

A top Atlanta criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in your case. With a successful outcome, you may be able to avoid jail time and have the charges dismissed or a negotiated plea deal for probation instead of a felony conviction on your record that can haunt you forever.

Our Firm’s principal, Lance Patrick, was a Probation Officer for over 6 years and has handled hundreds of felony probation and parole violation cases. He still knows dozens of probation supervisors and the people who run GPM (Georgia Probation Management). He can use his prior work connections to help you.

Felony Violations

If you have been charged with a felony probation or parole violation, it is vital to seek help from an experienced criminal attorney as soon as possible. A seasoned Atlanta parole violations lawyer will fully investigate the allegations and present an effective defense to protect your rights. If the charge is due to a mistake or misunderstanding, it may be possible to clear your name and keep you out of jail with a plea bargain or other remedy.

A parole lawyer also assists prisoners who are seeking early release from prison by representing them during their parole review hearings with the Board of Pardons and Paroles in Georgia. We carefully review your case and information shared by prosecutors, law enforcement, friends and family to make sure the positive aspects of your character and history are presented to the parole board in your favor. Those who are serving life sentences for crimes like aggravated child molestation or armed robbery are not eligible for parole and can be returned to prison for their entire sentence.