5 Controversy of Pastor Saifudin Ibrahim: Bodily Discusses 72 Angels of Heaven, Asks for 300 Verses of the Quran to be Erased

The title of Pastor Saifuddin Ibrahim has develop into the discuss of netizens once more. This time Pastor Saifuddin Ibrahim mentioned the bodily traits of 72 nymphs in heaven. Beforehand, Pastor Saifuddin was additionally mentioned after asking the Minister of Faith (Menag) Yaqut Cholil Qoumas to delete 300 verses of the Koran . What are the controversies of Pastor Saifudin Ibrahim?
It turned out that Pastor Saifuddin was recognized for some controversies. In reality, he as soon as prompted a stir in the neighborhood and was imprisoned for blasphemy instances. Take a look at the next sequence of controversies by Pastor Saifuddin Ibrahim.
The Controversy of Pastor Saifuddin Ibrahim
There have been a sequence of controversies by the priest Saifuddin Ibrahim, Suara.com has summarized a number of the controversies that made the general public in an uproar.

  1. Insulting Prophet Muhammad
    On November 12, 2017, Pastor Saifuddin as soon as made an add on his Fb account stating that Allah SWT is delusional. It turned out that not solely that, Saifuddin stated that Allah SWT was a pal of the Prophet Muhammad’s age.
    With this assertion, Saifuddin was later arrested on fees of blasphemy and served 4 years in jail and a nice of IDR 50 million.
  2. Ask for 300 Verses of the Quran to be Deleted
    The newest controversy, Pastor Saifuddin, made numerous netizens after asking the Minister of Faith Yaqut to delete 300 verses within the Koran. In accordance with him, the holy e-book of Muslims is what triggers intolerance and radicalism that causes non secular divisions. “As a result of the 300 verses are allowed to kill Christians, can kill non-Muslims, can kill non-Muslims,” he stated.
    Not solely that, Saifuddin additionally requested for 300 verses within the Koran to be skipped or revised as a result of it may set off intolerance, radicalism and hatred of different folks.
    “Even when essential, the 300 verses that set off an illiberal, radical life and hate others due to totally different religions are skipped or revised or deleted from the Indonesian Al Quran,” stated Saifuddin Ibrahim.
  3. Insulting Rizieq Shihab
    Just lately, Pastor Saifuddin once more insulted. One in every of them was that he insulted the FPI mass group and Rizieq Shihab by calling him the excessive priest of Kadrun. Saifuddin additionally mocked Rizieq Shihab for the case of a nasty chat with a girl and insinuated that he had fled to Saudi Arabia.
  4. Name Islam a Christian Sect
    In a video uploaded to Saifuddin Ibrahim’s YouTube account, he bluntly mentions that the Prophet Muhammad SAW was baptized and he argues that Islam is a sect of Christianity.
  5. Insulting Islamic Academic Establishments
    From Saifuddin Ibrahim’s YouTube video, he stated that Islamic boarding colleges and madrasas in Indonesia are instructional establishments that print terrorism and radicalism.
    That is the knowledge relating to the controversy of Pastor Saifudin Ibrahim that he had achieved.