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Staying healthy in a day and age where we don’t know exactly what is healthy is a challenge. We want to take on that challenge for you.

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We have always been huge advocates of mattresses that work.Our motto is to keep ourselves well rested and ready for the next day.

Did you know the average amount of sleep needed is around 8-10 hours per night? The human body can hold a lot of stress, but if a lack of rest is added, this will hurt you. Staying on top of your diet will help you get a better quality of sleep as well. Once you have figured out how to master and maximize your REM sleep, it will be easier and easier to be successful.

How Much Sleep Are You Getting?

Have you ever counted the number of the sleeping hours you get on a daily? If not then I would ask that you better start counting in order to know how much hours of nap you are taking at night for your body.

Many of the adults who are in the age gap of 25 to 40 tend to skip their nap time or reduce the sleeping hours as they would be working all night on some important projects or on assignments whose deadline is near. Do you know by doing this you are harming your body? And this will impact you mentally and physically both.

Being adult we are prone to ignore this and believe that less sleep wont cause such problem and tend to focus on work which is at hand. Even if our eyes are getting heavy with sleep we would take a large cup of coffee or tea so we could stay longer and active on the task.

Lack of Sleep Causes:

Well, folks let me tell you if you are sleeping less then you are letting your body through harmful changes which directly make your brain suffer causing sleep deprivation. In this you are making your brain exhausted that you wont feel much active affecting your physical health, this will affect your eating habits making you less hungry and in the very weak state.

In such cases you are letting your body toward Insomnia a state where you wont be able to close your eyes means you wont be able to sleep at all, this will make you depress, irritated and fatigue, here you would want to close your eyes but you wont be able to do so, each night you will just end up turning and tossing in your bed. It is one way of unintentional suicide for yourself. Dont get trap in this state, just with a mere thought of sleeping less will be okay for you.

Hours of Sleep Required:

National Sleep Foundation is a multidisciplinary expert panel on human sleeping behavior just issued an article as how much sleep is required by different age group. On an average, if we talk about adults who are in the age gap of 25 to 40+ it is mandatory for them to complete 7 to 9 hours of night sleep daily for them to work efficiently and also keeping their body physically healthy.

Things to Do For Good Sleep- Get A ZQuiet Coupon Code:

If you are still struggling with the hours of sleep or you are unable to sleep then I would recommend that you do these things to have a good night sleep;

1- Create a fixed schedule of sleep for yourself, which should contain when you will go to bed and will wake up next morning making sure that you are sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours.

2- Eat less or light in your dinner time, try to avoid junk food at that time otherwise it will effect on your sleep.

3- Try to do some light exercise or walk after you had your dinner, this will help you in consuming your food making you lighter at the time of sleep.

4- Try to develop the habit of reading as they act as very good medication for sleep.

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